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Mission & Vision

At BAEL, we focus on language use in social contexts and the underlying cognitive processes involved. We work with naturally occurring text and talk as well as with experimental data.

Furthermore, we believe that students must be involved in this work and empowered to do research right from the start. After all, what is research but learning, that is, finding out about life?

Resources for students

The BAEL guidelines for term papers and theses in linguistics have been updated. Please click here to download the new guidelines.

Please click here for the internship report guidelines for M.A. students.

Research projects at BAEL

Please click the following link for further information about our current research projects.

MoreResearch section

M.A. Applied Linguistics

Next application phase for the winter term 2016/17:
9 May to 31 May 2016

Information on the program

New publications

In addition to her recently published article "Tshaukak'ui - hunting signs of the Ts'ixa in Northern Botswana” in Sign Languages of the World. A Comparative Handbook (, Susanne Mohr’s paper “From Accra to Nairobi – The use of pluralized mass nouns in East and West African postcolonial Englishes” can now be accessed in the edited volume Aspects of (Post)Colonial Linguistics (

Exam Introduction to Language and Communication Studies

The exam will take place on Monday, February 15th 2016, in lecture hall 10 (HS X) and lecture hall 17 (HS XVII). Which one you have to attend is decided alphabetically (by the first letter of your last name):
A (Achilles) - Sch (Schwarz) -> lecture hall 10 (HS X)
Sc (Scory) - Z (Zinner) -> lecture hall 17 (HS XVII)
All Erasmus students -> lecture hall 17 (HS XVII)

Please make sure to be present at 13:45 at the right location, and don't forget to bring your student ID and passport / "Perso" for identification.

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