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Mission & Vision

At BAEL, we focus on language use in social contexts and the underlying cognitive processes involved. We work with naturally occurring text and talk as well as with experimental data.

Furthermore, we believe that students must be involved in this work and empowered to do research right from the start. After all, what is research but learning, that is, finding out about life?

Resources for students

The BAEL guidelines for term papers and theses in linguistics have been updated. Please click here to download the new guidelines.

Please click here for the internship report guidelines for M.A. students.

Research projects at BAEL

Please click the following link for further information about our current research projects.

MoreResearch section

Queen's Prize to Hannah Aengenvoort

This year's Queen's Prize goes to our former student assistant Hannah Aengenvoort. She was awarded the prize for her BA thesis on "Assessing language attitudes towards Papua New Guinea's language policy in education", which she wrote under the supervision of Dr. Susanne Mohr and Professor Schneider. During the ceremonious opening of the academic year she received her honorary certificate from Bonn University's president. Congratulations to Hannah!

Welcome to our new M.A. students!

The semester has started and we are welcoming another group of M.A. Applied Linguistics students. Since 2012, we have had Master's students from 20 different countries on four continents, making our programme truly international.

We wish everyone a good and successful semester!

PRA.PRO presentation at GAL Kongress

Members of our team reported on the latest activities in our research project PRA.PRO at the GAL Kongress in Koblenz.

Summary of the talk "Assessing pragmatic competence in EFL users"

M.A. Applied Linguistics

The official enrolment period for the winter term 2016/2017 is now over. If you are starting the programme this year, please have a look at our info sheet for new Master's students.

Information on the programme

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