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Mission & Vision

At BAEL, we focus on language use in social contexts and the underlying cognitive processes involved. We work with naturally occurring text and talk as well as with experimental data.

Furthermore, we believe that students must be involved in this work and empowered to do research right from the start. After all, what is research but learning, that is, finding out about life?

Resources for students

The BAEL guidelines for term papers and theses in linguistics have been updated. Please click here to download the new guidelines.

Please click here for the internship report guidelines for M.A. students.

Research projects at BAEL

Please click the following link for further information about our current research projects.

MoreResearch section

bael @ GAL-Kongress in Koblenz

Two BAEL research teams gave presentations at this year's GAL-Kongress in Koblenz: Prof. Schneider, Katrin Renkwitz and Pawel Sickinger presented the latest study of our PRA.PRO project in the talk "Assessing pragmatic competence in EFL users". In the second BAEL presentation of the congress, the BEIO team (Terry Haggerty, Gaby Axer and Pawel Sickinger) talked about "Challenges for ELF speakers in multinational organisations". Click here for further information on the GAL-Kongress.

MeEP summer school - a very productive three days

From 12 to 14 September, BAEL hosted the GAL Research School for Methods in Empirical Pragmatics (MeEP). Four experts in pragmatics gave input lectures on their area of expertise. These were followed by workshops for participants to get their hands on real data and tools for analysis. The participants also had the opportunity to meet one of the presenters for a one-on-one advising session on their own research project. The MeEP was very productive and rewarding - a big thank you to participants and speakers!

Klaus P. Schneider at Anglistentag

In his role as President of the German Association for the Study of English (Deutscher Anglistenverband), Professor Schneider was in Hamburg 21-24 September for the organisation's annual conference, the Anglistentag.

M.A. Applied Linguistics

The official enrolment period for the winter term 2016/2017 is now over. If you are starting the programme this year, please have a look at our info sheet for new Master's students.

Information on the programme

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