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BAEL presentation at the English Profile Seminar in Cambridge

Why should scholars, institutions and practitioners concerned with language learner competence have an interest in pragmatics?

Pawel Sickinger and Elisabeth Hampel of Bonn Applied English Linguistics provided an answer in their presentation at the English Profile seminar no. 14, which took place in Cambridge on February 7-8, 2013. The talk emphasized the importance of pragmatic competence for linguistic competence and showed methods for assessing learners' pragmatic competence. In this context, we introduced the BAEL research project PRA.PRO including some sample results from previous studies. We would like to thank the English Profile group for inviting us and are looking forward to further opportunities for cooperation.

You can find the English Profile website as well as our presentation sildes below.

 information on the English Profile

Pragmatic Competence, Pragmatic Profiling, and Cultural Cognition

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