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BAELc2 - Second Bonn Applied English Linguistics Conference

From 7th to 8th June 2013, the Second Bonn Applied English Linguistics Conference with a special focus on variational pragmatics was held at the English Department, University of Bonn, featuring a keynote by Markus Bieswanger (University of Bayreuth).

The conference was opened on Friday by Prof. Schneider who was pleased to welcome guests from all over Germany and the German-speaking area.

The presentations on Friday and Saturday included a wide range of topics and were given by linguists from several different countries, such as Larssyn Rüegg from Switzerland.

The keynote on Friday was held by Prof. Markus Bieswanger (University of Bayreuth) who discussed the use of experimental and natural data in variational pragmatics, thus concluding the first session on variational pragmatics.

The second session on Saturday morning focused on our very international group of MA Applied Linguistics students. Some of the students presented their term paper projects during a presentation while others had created posters.

During the poster session all participants were invited to have a look at and discuss the posters created by our MA students.

The conference was concluded by a lively round table discussion about the application of pragmatic research outside the ivory tower during which the speakers presented some of their current projects.

The programme for both days was as follows:

Friday, 7 June 2013




Klaus P. Schneider, Bonn

Conference opening

Session 1 - Variational Pragmatics

(Chair: Klaus P. Schneider)


Kathrin Luckmann de Lopez, Duisburg-Essen

Exploring pragmatic diversity through clause-final markers:  so in Irish English and English English


Coffee break


Irina Pandarova, Lüneburg

The pragmatic marker sure across varieties of English


Larssyn Rüegg, Zurich

"We doin some sugar?" Offers in Three Socio-economic Settings


Markus Bieswanger, Bayreuth

Keynote lecture: Experimental vs. natural data in variational pragmatics



Conference dinner





Saturday, 8 June 2013

Session 2 - Intercultural Pragmatics

(Chair: Susanne Strubel-Burgdorf)


Alwina Bach, Bonn

Complaints in computer-mediated communication: A cross-cultural comparison


Sonya Saffidine, Bonn

Hi there and Bonne semaine! – How do French and Australian students open and close their emails to university staff?


Coffee & Poster session


Mayyada Kamran, Bonn/ Patricia Pazmiño, Bonn

Compliment responses in American English, Pakistani English and Ecuadorian English


Michelle Kühnel, Bonn

Gender-specific categories of insult: Male versus female use of insults in British TV-series


Katrin Renkwitz, Bonn

Strategic application or untapped potential? Backchanneling behaviour in American and German home shopping programmes


Lunch break

Session 3 - Pragmatics: Resources and applications

(Chair: Pawel Sickinger)


Emily Black, Lüneburg

Understanding what is not said: Exploring L2 comprehension of indirect meaning


Verena Minow, Bochum

Telecinematic discourse: What's in it for the linguists?


Round table discussion (Ilka Flöck, Oldenburg; Sabine Jautz, Siegen; Susanne Strubel-Burgdorf, Bonn; Pawel Sickinger, Bonn)

Doing things with linguistics: Applications of pragmatic research outside the ivory tower


Klaus P. Schneider, Bonn

Conference closing

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