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BAELc3 - Third Bonn Applied English Linguistics Conference

From 23rd to 24th May 2014, the Third Bonn Applied English Linguistics Conference with a special focus on Intercultural Communication was held at the English Department, University of Bonn, featuring a keynote by Anne Barron (Leuphana University Lüneburg).

The conference was opened on Friday by Prof. Schneider who was pleased to welcome guests from different parts of Germany and Europe.

The keynote on Friday was held by Prof. Anne Barron (Leuphana University Lüneburg) who talked about small talk in learner - native speaker interactions.

The session on Saturday morning featured our MA Applied Linguistics students. Some presented their term paper projects during a presentation while others had created posters. The picture shows the first-year MA students with Prof. Schneider, Susanne Strubel-Burgdorf and Edit Ficzere from Oxford.

During the poster session all participants were invited to have a look at and discuss the posters created by our MA students.

The conference programme for both days was as follows:

Friday, 23 May 2014




Klaus P. Schneider (Bonn)

Conference opening

Chair: Pawel Sickinger


Julia Salzinger (Dortmund)

Glowing reviews glow from within but glittering careers are illuminated: Interaction between language, perception, and cognition



Susanne Mohr (Bonn/Koblenz-Landau)

Informations on researches and knowledges: Mass nouns in East African Englishes



Coffee break


Edit Ficzere (Oxford)

A comparison of politeness strategies used in a letter of complaint by English, Hungarian and Thai writers

Chair: Klaus P. Schneider


Keynote lecture: Anne Barron (Lüneburg)

"Oh ok. (.) Yeah, do you have like Christmas exams or anything?" Constructing small talk in learner - native speaker voice-based telecollaboration



BAEL @ Wissenschaftsnacht (Säulenhalle)

Academic Communication in Multimedia Environment





Saturday, 24 May 2014

Chair: Susanne Strubel-Burgdorf


Inken Mays (Bonn)

“Hiiiiii, byeee.” The development of pragmatic competence regarding phatic communication during a stay abroad in Canada


Jing Zhang (Bonn)

Do the Chinese learners of English use the same strategies to respond to compliments in Chinese and in English? A study on compliment responding


Coffee & Poster session

Elisabeth Hampel (Bonn)

“Hi girl, help me!” English requests for help by Ghanaian and German students

Karolina Jagodzinski (Bonn)

“Want cheese? Buy your own!”  Cross-cultural differences in realizing the speech act of complaint between English and Polish speakers in shared flats

Valeria Melis (Bonn)

„May I carry your suitcases?“ Offers in English English and the English of German learners

Mariana Sygin (Bonn)

Do compliment responses by Ukrainian young Adults differ in English and Ukrainian?


Monika Miszczuk (Bonn)

“Thanks, I really appreciate that” Strategies for expressing gratitude used by Polish and British English native speakers


Gaby Axer (Bonn)

The use and perception of the like-button on Facebook: Do German and Australian English native speakers behave alike?


Lisa Lehnen (Bonn)

Gender stereotypes and discursive strategies in Online Dating: A Contrastive Study of US American and Spanish Males


Conference lunch

Chair: Klaus P. Schneider


Cornelius Puschmann (Berlin)

Orthographic variation as sociolinguistic variable in CMC


Ilka Flöck (Oldenburg)

Directive speech acts in British and American English: A contrastive, multi-method approach


Verena Minow (Bochum)

“Nigga, you ain’t supposed to be droppin’ names an’ shit” The use of vocatives in The Wire


Klaus P. Schneider (Bonn)

Conference closing

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