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The 6th Bonn Applied English Linguistics Conference was held from 12th to 13th of May at the Universitätsforum Bonn (Heussallee 18-24). The special focus of the conference was "Variation in Discourse" in or across different languages, cultures and varieties. Jo Angouri from the University of Warwick held the keynote with the title "The Politics of Language: Negotiating Boundaries at Work".



Prof. Schneider officially opened the Sixth Bonn Applied English Linguistics Conference.

Lisa Marie Dillmann (Trier): Language Use and Multilingual Practices in Singaporean Computer-Mediated Communication

Matthias Klumm (Rostock): Signalling Respect and Identity in Discourse: Variation in the Use of Nominal Address in Jamaica and Trinidad


Elisabeth Hampel (Bonn): It creates an atmosphere of freedom - Ghanaian Students' Attitudes Towards Student Pidgin

Larssyn Staley (ZĂĽrich): Socioeconomic Variation of uh and um as Turn Taking Devices in Restaurant Servers' Speech: A Variational Pragmatics Approach


 Keynote lecture by Jo Angouri (Warwick): The Politics of Language: Negotiating Boundaries at Work

The M.A. student poster session

Our 2nd semester M.A. students

Marion Schulte (Bielefeld): Sociophonetic Variation in Irish English like

Edit Fizcere-Willcox (Oxford): Assesing the Pragmatic Competence of ESL learners at B2-C2 levels

Lisa Schumacher (Bielefeld): Pragmatic Competence of German Learners of English After a Year in the US

The BAEL Team





BAELc6 Programme

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