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Guest Lecture by Magnus Levin

Magnus Levin, senior lecturer at Växjö University, will give a lecture entitled Change and Variation in the English Verb Phrase in Room 2.015 of the English Seminar on Tuesday, June 9, 2009, at 10 a.m. (c.t.).

The presentation deals with three well-known instances of variation in English verb morphology:

  1. agreement with collective nouns (/The audience was/were bored/)
  2. (ir)regular verbs ending in either -/ed/ or -/t/ (/The house burned/burnt down/)
  3. progressive (/I am hoping / I hope this will be a success/)

A number of factors affecting usage are discussed, such as variation between regional varieties, speech and writing, token frequency and lexical factors. The spread of the progressive in present-day English is given special attention.

Magnus Levin (Publications) received his PhD in 2001 from Lund University about agreement with collective nouns. His research interests concern grammatical variation in Present-Day English and phraseology.

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