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Outreach at BAEL: School project 2010

Thanks to the cooperation between the IAAK and the Christophorus School (CJD) in Bonn/Königswinter, initiated by BAEL, pupils were able to get first impressions of Literature Studies and Linguistics as disciplines of English Studies.

The project started with a short introduction to the University and the departments’ main research foci. Then the students were split up into two groups, depending on their particular interest in either Linguistics or Literature. Each group was given a glimpse of the work in the respective disciplines, as well as a closer look at ongoing research projects.

The pupils working on linguistic topics with BAEL were invited to the Research Centre of Empirical Pragmatics (RCEP), where they had the opportunity to learn more about the latest projects on language behaviour across cultures. After an introduction to Speech Act Theory they had to apply the theoretical concepts to samples of naturally occurring language.

In the sessions focussing on literature at university, the pupils had to interpret a contemporary drama (Tom Stoppard's Arcadia, 1993) from various perspectives. They participated in a Bachelor course and had to critically read an academic essay on science in the play, learning about the background of Romanticism and Lord Byron which forms a backbone to Arcadia.

Finally, both the Linguist and Literature groups met again to give a presentation of their new insights. After the presentation, a certificate was handed over to each participant.

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