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Dies Academicus Winter semester 2009/10

The day started with the screening of the US documentary "The Linguists", which attracted many interested visitors despite the early hour. After a short introduction by Professor Schneider - which showed that the film's topic, language death, is a matter close to his heart, too - the viewer followed Gregory Anderson and David Harrison to Siberia, India and Bolivia where the linguists have recorded languages close to extinction.

The mixture of linguistic understanding about almost unknown, dying languages and touching insights into the speakers' personal history makes the film so appealing.

In the meantime, the DVD has been made available for home use and can be purchased via its website for $30.

visit the film's website

In the afternoon, visitors found their way to our Research Centre in Walter-Flex-Straße for a workshop exploring language as it 'really' is. This offer attracted not only students from our own department but also students from other faculties as well as interested visitors from outside the university. With assistance from the BAEL staff they were given the opportunity to try out empirical methods of data collection and data analysis from the fields of pragmatics and psycholinguistics. The diverse audience engaged eagerly in the group projects on offer and thus made the RCEP’s fourth open day a full success.

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