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Inken Mays, Student assistant

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Phone:+49 (0)228 73-7308


I am one of the mentors of the MA Applied Linguistics programme.
If you have any questions about the programme, the semester abroad, the internship or the like, feel free to contact me at mentor-appliedlinguistics(at)


  • Winter 2012/13: Introduction to Language and Communication Studies.
  • Winter 2013/14: Introduction to Language and Communication Studies.
  • Summer 2014: Issues in Linguistics: Morphology and Word Formation.
  • Winter 2014/15: Introduction to Language and Communication Studies.


  • "“Hiiiiii, byeee.” The development of pragmatic competence regarding phatic communication during a stay abroad in Canada" Talk at the BAELc3, University of Bonn, Germany, 24 May 2014.

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